The Band Program at North Thurston High School consists of over 100 student musicians that make up highly awarded Concert, Symphonic and Jazz Bands.  North Thurston Band has the only Competitive Marching Band within its school district.  The various ensembles perform throughout the Northwest and have made international appearances in Japan, Hungary and Poland.  The band also represents their school in community events and appearances.   Although the North Thurston School District provides a working budget to assist the Band Program, its students rely on The Band Parent Association to fill budget gaps.

Who is the BPA: A group of enthusiastic and dedicated parents of past and present North Thurston Band and Color Guard program members, here to support the success of students and reinforce the benefit of music as a lifelong activity.

We are the behind-the scenes support for new instruments, music and clinicians, as well as front line support of events like the end of the year banquet, senior night, and concerts. As we cheer for and support our kids we hope to help foster a love of music and their growth.

Mission statement: The purpose of the BPA is to promote NTHS Band through publicity, promotion and financial assistance in order to bring family, school and community together for the enjoyment and education of all. 

The BPA provides $10,000 or more each year to keep band programs vital and competitive.  Funds provided are used for coaching, purchase of instruments and equipment so that students can be top notch performers.

The NTHS BPA was first formed to help fund uniforms & support for the first international band trip to Japan. Here are some of the ways the BPA has supported the band program over the years:

  • Over $10,000 in scholarships to seniors
  • Grants to All-State and All-Northwest students
  • Marching props, Pep band music
  • Color guard flags & equipment, marching props
  • Assist & coordinate to provide adult help and supervision for trips and events
  • Coaching, tutoring & special guests (more than 30 guest artists, ensembles & clinicians have partnered with the band)
  • Student & family events: Summer BBQ, karaoke, Awards night, ice cream socials, homecoming dinner, competition
  • Supported 3 international trips (Japan, Hungary & Poland)
  • Netbook for students to practice and write music
  • Mike system
  • Provide fundraising opportunities for students to earn money for band expenses and trips
    • Electric bass
    • Bass amp
    • Piccolo
    • Flute
    • Three baritone saxophones
    • Tenor saxophone
    • Alto saxophone
    • Soprano saxophone
    • Two sousaphones
    • Two clarinets
    • Trombone
    • Flugelhorn
    • Professional model euphonium
    • Guitar amp
    • Xylophone
    • Marimba
    • Four marching bass drums with cases and harnesses
    • Four marching snare drums with cases and harnesses
    • Two marching tenor drums with cases and harnesses