Jazz Band

Jazz Concert May 2021
Jazz Concert May 2021

This group explores various styles of jazz and swing music. This class is meant to be an additional opportunity for musicians already enrolled in the concert or symphonic band classes. This class meets daily before school. Membership in a school music class is a requirement for drummers and wind players. Piano, bass, and guitar players will receive some preference for playing in a school music class. Members must audition every year. This group performs at concerts, festivals, dances, and community events. Participation in regional jazz festivals is a required part of this class. Members of this group will need to participate in additional fund raising to meet the added costs of travel. Successful auditions will require a mastery of all 12 major scales, some improvisation ability, and some knowledge of jazz players and styles.

The jazz band has just completed its fifth compact disc recording as part of the K.P.L.U School of Jazz Project, and will be featured on this year’s release with Andy Omdahl as guest soloist. The jazz ensemble has hosted guest artists such as Jeff Coffin, David Joyner, Maria Joyner, Tracy Knoop, Bobby Shew, and Rob Tapper. The jazz band has the distinction of being one of only two groups in this region of the state that has earned a superior rating at the CMEA Jazz Festival every year it has participated.


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